By Charlotte

Lotus & Little Buddha Necklace - Gold

Size Guide

The Lotus and Little Buddha Necklace feature the Buddha of Compassion and the Lotus of New Beginnings. The Lotus begins its life as a bud emerging from the depths of the muddy pond, breaking free and blossoming into a beautiful and pure flower. This journey is much like a person's path to spiritual awakening and self-discovery. Wear By Charlotte's Lotus Necklace and allow the Buddha of Compassion to guide you to Enlightenment. 

- 19 inch necklace has a shortening loop at 18 inches.
- Lotus pendant size: 18 x 11mm; Buddha pendant; 9 x 6mm.
- Gold plated on Sterling Silver. Ceramic plated.
- By Charlotte's necklaces come in a variety of lengths ranging from 15 inches (chokers) to 32 inches. Most necklaces also have a shortening loop along the chain, making it easy to layer