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Cottesloe Cotton Linen Scarf

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With its ultra lightweight weave, and scrunchy texture, the cotton blend fabric makes the ideal accessory this season. Designed to be taken wherever you go, from work to beach, from yoga to dinner, they are easy to roll up and beautiful to wear. The blend of cotton, linen and modal makes these scarves the practical choice and perfect travel companion. They protect you from the elements; an escape from the harsh sun on your shoulders and the cool evening winds. 

Location: Cottesloe Beach, Western Australia

"This artwork was inspired by a still winter's evening spent at Cottesloe Beach; While we sat enjoying the peachyl sunset, the waves continuously rolled over the iconic Cottesloe pylon in mesmerising fashion, the ocean dotted with keen surfers. The marshmallow pink palette of this design is a very flattering day-to-day accessory this season." - Lizzie Mariko, Urban Fable Designer

The lightweight cotton blend fabric hugs your shoulders and melts around you neck.

220cm x 100cm

Composition + Care
- 60% Cotton, 20% Linen, 20% Modal
- Gentle hand wash only