By Charlotte


Size Guide

Rose Gold

Inspired by intricate vintage bohemian lace, By Charlotte's Blessed Eye Necklace invokes the power of the ancient Evil Eye and the words "I am loved, protected, and blessed", a protective mantra for free-spirited souls searching for purpose, acceptance, and self-love.

This blessed necklace also empowers the Amazonite, a powerful heart chakra stone known for its cleansing, harmonizing, and healing properties. Wear By Charlotte's Blessed Eye Necklace and feel its calming vibrations guide you to your inner river of tranquility. Wear with intention, live with purpose...

- 21 inches; adjustable to 18 or 19 inches
- Pendant size: 1.8 x 1.8cm; set with an Amazonite stone and white CZ crystals
- Pendant has a battered finish on the front; back is shiny and engraved with "I am loved, protected, and blessed"
- Rose Gold plated on Sterling Silver. Ceramic plated
- Model wears Gold
- By Charlotte's necklaces come in a variety of lengths ranging from 15 inches (chokers) to 32 inches. Most necklaces also have a shortening loop along the chain, making it easy to layer