By Charlotte

14k Gold Peaceful Moon Necklace

Size Guide

By Charlotte's 14k Gold Peaceful Moon Necklace is an ode to quiet moments under the night sky basking in the moon's guiding and healing light. Drawing on the elemental vibrations of the serene and beautiful Freshwater Pearl, the Pearl's divine feminine energy will balance your emotions and create stillness and calm in your life. Perfect for engraving with love and intention.

- Engravable pendant
- Length: 18 inches; adjustable to 16 inches
- Oval pendant: approx. 6 x 8mm
- Pearl: 3 x 3mm
- Finished with a Freshwater Pearl at the clasp
- 14k Solid Gold. Nickel free
- By Charlotte's necklaces come in a variety of lengths ranging from 13 inches (chokers) to 21 inches. Most necklaces also have a shortening loop along the chain, making it easy to layer